Saturday, June 12, 2010

Carver Family Photo Shoot

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Carver and their furry little shitzu's, Suki and Sadie! Larelle (Mrs. Carver) always refers to her husband as "Mr. Carver." So that's what I'm sticking with too!! They've been married for over twenty years and where did they meet? where else?.....a psychiatric hospital :) Larelle was a psych nurse on the unit where he provided security. Mr Carver was quite smitten with how awesome she was as a nurse and how well she worked with her patients. Aren't they a good looking couple?? And the pups are just adorable! I had to get lots of pics of them!

She is a superstar!

Someone looks a little like E.T. in this picture...

I love how their tongues are both out!

This couple was so fun...they were up for anything!!!

My all time favorite pup pic! I love the curled tongue.

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