Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo Shoot of Destiny and Chris

I really enjoyed meeting this sweet young couple. Chris will be off to Virginia Tech in the Fall with a concentration in engineering and Destiny will be completing her studies here in Richmond to become a nurse. In lieu of graduation they decided to get some senior "couple" shots. Get ready...lots of "kissing" to be had. :)
Isn't she just beautiful.

They didn't mind doing this over and over :)

They are so flippin cute!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Growing Families - Photo Shoot

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!! In case you missed fireworks.....
I was pretty proud of this pic. Fireworks are VERY difficult to shoot... so I jumped up and down when I got this one of the finale at the Diamond in Richmond. I love fireworks, but even more than that I LOVE return customers!!!
Just recently you may have seen the blog of twin boys I photographed. Now we got Dad in town too. So here is the whole family!!! They have their hands full huh?
Beautiful family.

Very proud and happy Grandmothers!

Also able to get some of the sweet family dog!

A while back (6-7 mos ago?) I photographed the beautiful Mom to be!
And look at her now!

Another beautiful family growing!!

She has the pretties blue eyes!

And of course, another family doggie!

I also got to photograph the extended family as well. They were celebrating their Grandmother's 80th Birthday! I hope I look that good at 80!
What a good looking family!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grad Party Shoot for Zachary!

These are the good 'ole days!
These guys were so cool and tolerant of my picture taking! They'll all be off in the fall in different directions, but I truly believe this group of good friends will be keeping in touch!

The Zehr Sisters' Families!

I love how the brothers are looking at each other here. Such a handsome trio.

Zach (on right) was totally picking on Mom here!
I'm thinking they do this a fair amount :)!

Old friends are forever!

He waaay put up with me too!!! I think his Mom will be proud! What a cutie!

They did a pyramid for me!
Yes, I was a cheerleader in school.. and realize I need to come up with some more "posing" ideas for teenage boys. But I actually think they enjoyed this! ha :)

Crazy small world.... This couple happens to be friends of mine from back in grad school. I never knew they were also my new friend's sister and brother in law! It makes sense though, how I'm drawn to similiar awesome people! Kathy and her sister are so much alike! It all just clicked for me as soon as I saw them together!

They are such a cute family!

I was especially proud of this starry sun shot!

Love that they both have the squinched eye smiles :)

Most all of the Zehr Family... coming out for the big day!

And they're off.........
Congratulations Zach and his family!