Monday, April 12, 2010

White Family Photo Shoot

What a wonderful day it was to be in Hewlett, VA! When approached by a fellow colleague of mine to photograph her beautiful family, I jumped at the opportunity! I knew she had some major cutie kids! But I also knew what a treat it would be to visit her community.
What a gorgeous farming area and backdrop
for photographs of this absolutely beautiful family.
I asked them if they knew how lucky they were...
and Cada, the littlest one, (only 2) said "lucky, lucky!"


  1. Joelle-
    I can't thank you enough for coming out to Hewlett and capturing these memories! Your work is amazing, we will treasure these photos for a lifetime. Cada saw them and said "Elle's pictures"! The kids had so much fun, especially Annie, my little model. I'm ready for another session already!

  2. jo!!!! these are so wonderful!! love!!!!