Friday, April 16, 2010

"verykathy" photo shoot

Kathleen Zehr Nussbaum, author and artist, is the proprietor of verykathy....

an enterprise devoted to the proliferation of a handmade life…lived with authenticity and beauty. Kathy’s whimsical and clever creations are inspired by a diverse and ever evolving field. Some of these influences include Astrid Lindgren, Jane Austen, Coco Chanel, Jungian scholars Clarissa Pinkola-Estes and Marion Woodman, and Kathy’s vivid recollection of the “ wonder years” of her own childhood.

Kathy enjoys collecting and recycling thrift and vintage materials for collage and assemblage art, illustrated Journaling and dress making. Kathy especially enjoys creating Doll Heads with opinions; the seminal work that led to her first book; Millicent the Magnificent: the Real Life of a Former Doll Head (available at www. Kathy has also been published in Dream Seeker Magazine; Voices From the Soul. Kathy is a psychotherapist, and play therapist; and lives in Mechanicsville, Virginia with her husband and two sons.

Kathy has been invited to have her art displayed at the Richmond Convention Center.
So we needed to pull together a fab business card and photographs were a must!

love this! ;)

Not everybody would get excited about having their living room sofa moved to their backyard because of a bright idea/vision! Only Kathy.... who also reads to her doll heads :) hahaha

How lucky am I to have this fun loving, gifted colleague only two doors down from me 9-5! She's my number 1 pick me up day in/day out!

The business card created.
I absolutely couldn't leave out Rocky, who hung with us throughout the shoot
AND smiled for the camera too!

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